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Selling the Family Business

On September 30, my family and I closed a very important chapter in our lives.  We sold Quality Fire Protection, the business that my Dad started with his ex-partner in 1995. For the first 8 years of its life, Quality … Continue reading

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Respect, Compassion, Tolerance, Patience

I have found them to be extremely useful in attempting to maintain balance in my life. More than that, respect, compassion, tolerance and patience have become the cornerstone of my work persona. I rely on these principles to guide my work decisions, to frame my perspective when confronting challenges and to align my professional behavior with my ethical and spiritual standards.
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Tim Ferriss: living well versus doing well

I have a lot of respect for Tim Ferriss.  In a world where many pursue the standard career (and lifestyle) path, Tim champions the alternative and encourages his readers to pursue their dreams, not the status quo. His latest post … Continue reading

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Taking Back My Name

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the importance of cultivating an internet persona.  Simply put, someone somewhere will google your name and you want them to be able to find positive intelligence about you.  The idea never held much … Continue reading

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