Nothing is quite as exciting as the power of ideas. 

I love meeting people and hearing about the creations that they’ve spawned in their heads.  Business plans, novels, comic books, inventions, almost everyone has some dream that they return to in their free moments, contemplating, crafting, creating.

For some, these ideas are only dreams.  Perhaps all they need is someone to fill in the gaps, someone to provide a little bit of outside guidance to motivate them, to give them that extra tactic that they might use to pursue those dreams.

For others, they’ve followed their dreams.  Maybe they’ve achieved success and need some help pushing that success forward.  Or maybe they’ve stalled out, unsure how to overcome the next obstacle that stands between them and the life they want to live.

When I have the opportunity to give some insight, to help these people to achieve their dreams, I feel fulfilled.  I too have had dreams and I rely on others everyday to help make those dreams a reality.

In this internet age, there is an opportunity unlike any other.  We can learn about the people out there, the people who care about what we care about, the people whose dreams converge with our own.  We can learn about them and we can reach out to them.  We can collaborate in a way like never before.

Do you have a dream you’d like to share?  A short story you want someone to read?  A business plan you need to tweak?  An obstacle you would like to overcome? 

Reach out to me.  Contact me at and let me know what you are working on.  If I can help you, I will.  If I know someone who can, I’ll put you in touch with that person. 

The only way to live your dream is to pursue it.  Today, more than ever, we can pursue those dreams together.

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