At age thirteen, I saw the movie Stand by Me and became convinced that I would write novels for a living.  I convinced my parents to buy me a typewriter and immediately began cranking out page after page of adolescent fantasy.  I wrote almost every day of my teenage years.

I attended the University of Colorado and majored in English with an emphasis in creative writing.  Still convinced that fiction was my calling, I gave little thought to the marketability of my degree and instead focused on my craft (alright, I focused on my social life, girls and my craft but it was a close third.)

Upon graduation, something strange happened.  I stopped writing fiction.  I continued to write.  In fact, my language skills became the foundation of my career (more on that in business below), but my motivation to write fiction disappeared.  Looking back, I believe I was afraid. 

My fear could be attributed to many causes.  I realized how difficult it is to make a living as a writer and dreaded living as a pauper for years waiting for my break.  I learned, through writing personal stories with friends and family as characters, how your portrayal of acquaintances can affect your relationship with them.  I was scared, beyond all else, of being told that I had no talent and nothing to offer.

Recently, I returned to writing fiction and have committed myself to rehabilitating my craft and making up for lost time.  I am currently writing a novel and have started this blog as an outlet for my creative efforts.


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